What are Household Service Workers (HSW)?

Refers to any person engaged in work performed in or for a household within an employment relationship.

This includes positions, but not limited to: housekeepers, caretakers, private carers, nannies, personal drivers, personal chef, garderners, etc.

Minimum age for HSW

Philippine laws set the minimum age for a Filipino national to engage in overseas household service work at 23 years old. No Filipino national can be hired to do household work if they are less than 23 years of age.

Recruitment of Filipino Nationals for Household Work

A foreign employer may engage the service of a Filipino national in either of these scenarios:

1. Through a licensed Philippine Recruitment Agency - these are licensed recruitment agencies in the Philippines authorized by POEA to recruit Filipino nationals for foreign principals. The employer will apply for accreditation and authority to hire Filipino nationals himself, while Philippine agency shall process the documents submitted in the Philippines. 

Intermediaries posing as "agents" in the host country, who cannot present a valid ID with the PRA are not authorized to transact for the purpose of recruitment. Please be wary when interacting with non-authorized individuals as they put the worker and yourself at risk of exploitation.


Illegal Recruitment

Checklist to be submitted to POLO with jurisdiction of the country

List of Philippine Recruitment Agency

2. Through a Foreign Placement Agency - these are local recruitment and placement agencies in the jobsite who are accredited by POEA/POLO to recruit Filipino nationals and place them with local employers. In this process, the foreign placement agency is already accredited with a licensed Philippine Recruitment agency and has an available job order. 

 Before engaging their services, make sure that they have the proper authorization and accreditation to recruit Filipino nationals. Please request for the valid job order from the FPA to ensure validity of the transaction. 

3. Direct Hire (No agency involved)

Check your eligibility here

At all times, the worker must be hired by the Employer in THEIR PERSONAL CAPACITY. Thus, employment through a company, whether owned by the Employer or not, is not valid. 

Deployment Costs

The expenses and costs of the deployment of the worker will be borne by the employer. You can find the costs borne by the employer here:


HSWs are exempt from paying any placement fees to the Philippine agency.


Once all documents are complete, please find the process to have the documents verified: