Verification may be done by personally submitting the required documentation, or through e-mail ( if remote submission. Make sure all the documents are complete on submission to avoid any delays. You may check the requirements here.

within 3 days from receipt


The interview may be done personally or through Skype. After the initial review of the documents, you will receive a schedule for interview with the Labor Attaché. For employers hiring more than ten (10) Filipino workers, the Labor Attaché may also conduct an ocular inspection on the work premises, and accommodation (when applicable).

until the soonest available schedule (2-3 days)
30 minutes


Submission of the original documents may also be done personally or through courier. Payments, when done personally, is through cash, or through bank transfers. Please do not send the money with the documents.

2-3 days from receipt of documents and verification of payment


POLO shall inform by e-mail once the documents are ready for pick-up. This may be done personally, or through a courier.

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