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Recruitment Agreement

refers to the agreement between the Principal and the licensed Philippine recruitment agency defining the rights and obligations on the recruitment and employment of Filipino workers. Recruitment agreements are typically valid for four (4) years, unless otherwise specified.

This is provided by the Philippine Recruitment Agency. 

Special Power of Attorney

refers to the legal document where the Principal assigns the attorney-in-fact (PRA) authority to act for and behalf of the company with regards to employment of Filipino nationals. The PRA acts as the Principal's representative in the Philippines for all claims and causes against him. 

Job Order/Manpower Request

refers to the document representing the limit of authority to hire given by POEA to the Principal. It indicates the positions, number of positions required and salary per position. Typically valid for two (2) years. 

Master Employment Contract

refers to the template of the employment contract to be applied to all Filipino nationals recruited by the Principal. The provisions must contain all minimum standards as required by Philippine and local laws. 

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refers to the formal agreement by the Principal/Employer to the Philippine Government to advocate for the Filipino nationals and report any significant incidents relative to their employment. 

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Letter Request of Exemption

refers to the letter request directed below to request for the exemption on the ban on direct hiring. You may cite your qualification for exemption based on the rules, and discuss how the worker was recruited.

Bernard P. Olalia


Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

Proof of Financial Capability

refers to any document that shows ability to engage and pay the services of additional manpower of the company. 

Possible documents:

1. Bank Statements

2. Financial Reports

3. Employment Certificate with Salary declaration

4. Certificate of Support (with supporting documents)

5. Other documents the employer may provide, as appropriate