Foreign Recruitment and Placement Agencies (FRA/FPA) refers to Principals in the jobsite that are engaged in the recruitment and placement of Filipino nationals in their country of registration. After deployment, the workers are assigned to their direct employers. It is understood that there will be no employer/employee relationship between the Filipino national and the FPA/FRA. This must not be confused by another employment arrangement, Subcontracting Agencies, where the agency retains employment of the Filipino nationals.

They must be accredited with a licensed Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA), who is solely authorized to recruit and place ads for Filipino nationals in the Philippines.

FRA/FPAs are not allowed to hire Filipino nationals to the jobsite from outside the Philippines. In these case, please recommend the workers to return to the Philippines and apply with the authorized PRA.

The FRA/FPA must also be authorized or licensed by the host country to engage in the recruitment or placement activity. In Malta, this is regulated by the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER).

To apply as an FRA, please refer to this checklist: