Licensed PRAs are the only authorized bodies to conduct any canvassing, recruiting, hiring, advertising, placement and deployment activity for the foreign employer. 

The purpose of this policy is to defer any cases of human trafficking, and facilitate the collection of any and all claims arising out of the implementation of the employment contract involving Overseas Filipino Workers. The Employer and the PRA share a joint and several liability for all claims and charges in relation to the employment of the Filipino worker.

POLO Rome discourages foreign employers from transacting with unauthorized individuals or companies. "Referrals" or using third-parties for the recruitment process may cause the disqualification and cancellation of the accreditation of the foreign principal/employer. 

Whether or not the employer recruited the Filipino candidate with the aid of a PRA, the registration of the employment with POEA must still be processed with a licensed PRA unless exempted by the rules.

You may check the list of licensed Philippine Recruitment Agencies in our Agency Verification Tool.