To be able to set an appointment for OEC, you will need a BMOnline account. Use your BMOnline account to update your employment information each time your return to the Philippines to enjoy the OEC exemption.


Visit BMONLINE.PH and go to the NEW USER tab. Fill in the information needed and click SIGN ME UP to finish registration.

Activate Account

Check your e-mail inbox for the activation mail and click on the link provided. Once e-mail is verified, go back to BMONLINE.PH and login with your credentials.

Update Information

Fill up the form with your complete personal information and employment details. Make sure to click on SAVE before moving to the next part of the form.

Set-up Appointment

Click on ACQUIRE OEC OR EXEMPTION, and enter the date of your flight back to the jobsite. This will direct you to select the location and schedule of appointment. Click SET APPOINTMENT to confirm the details.

Print Appointment Sheet

Go to MY TRANSACTIONS and go the APPOINTMENTS tab. Find the confirmed appointment and click on the PRINT INFO SHEET button.

Bring your info sheet, as well as a photocopy of your passport and work permit/permit to stay for work during the appointment.