POLO Rome may verify employment contracts for workers already at the jobsite for the purpose of acquiring the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from the POEA Balik-Manggagawa Centers in the Philippines. 


Please be informed that for the safety of our personnel, all verification transactions are done remotely. Please use our Verification Request Form to send your information and documents. No walk-ins at the Embassy shall be entertained.


A. Who needs to have their employment contracts verified?

1. Filipino workers who are registered with POEA, and have changed employers at the jobsite. 

2. Filipino nationals who migrated to a foreign country legally, and converted their migrant status to a worker status. (eg. petitioned family members, dependents, permanent residents, spouse/fiance visas)

3. Filipino nationals working abroad without POEA records, and those who transferred jobsites with a new employer

Note: OFWs with previously verified contracts with their current employer need not need their renewed contracts be verified again. Upon BM application, they may simply present their old verified contract and their renewed contract provided that, the Employer is still the same. 

B. What is the purpose of contract verification?

The Labor Attaché will check that the contracts' provisions are in accordance with the host country laws. The verified contract shall also be presented to the POEA BM Centers in the Philippines as a requirement for OECs.

C. What are the requirements?

1. Employment Contract

2. Valid Passport of worker

3. Valid Work Permit of the worker

4. Identification Card of the authorized signatory of the employer 

    In cases where the employer is unable to provide an ID with signature, all the documents bearing their signature must be notarized.

5. Authorization of the authorized signatory

6. Business Registration of the employer

7. Latest payslips

8. Signed Undertaking

For (A.3.) Filipino nationals working abroad without POEA records, and those who transferred jobsites with a new employer

The following additional requirements are requested:

11. Narrative 

    - OFW must submit a notarized affidavit of all the circumstances regarding the recruitment and employment with the employer, including information on the agency/agenct that referred/recruited the worker, payments, if any, made to the recruiter, manner of payment, conduct at the immigration, relevant dates, and other information. 

12. Employer Declaration

    - Employer must submit a matrix of all Filipino nationals recruited by the employer with a declaration that should they recruit/hire more Filipino nationals in the future, it will follow POEA/Philippine processes. 

What is the process?

Remote Submission

1. Apply through https://www.polorome.com/requirements/verification/

2. Skype interview with the Labor Attaché

3. Send documents to POLO Rome

4. Payment through Bank Transfer

5. Verification and Receipt of documents at POLO Rome

5. Processing of Documents with POLO

6. Pick-up and Release

NOTE: The documents shall only be processed upon submission of complete documents, and verified payment of fees. 

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